Imposter Battle Royale

Prepare to participate in big, merciless battles in Imposter Battle Royale, a unique shooter inspired by the famous Among Us. First of all you will have to equip your hero with a weapon, a “merge” system will allow you to buy them for gold and combine them to unlock higher levels and thus have access to more powerful weapons. Then launch into battle, basically you can play “survival” mode in which you will have to try to eliminate your opponents in order to be the last survivor of the game. Three other game modes can be unlocked when you level up, Chaos, Capture the Flag and Alien Crisis. Get rewards based on your performance in matches and climb the player rankings by winning games. In the store you can buy many costumes for your characters, some will only be accessible at the highest rank. Imposter Battle Royale is a game with fast and immediate action that will give you a lot of fun during the games.