Joker online

The game Joker online is a very famous character who is very popular with children and not only. He has a very interesting appearance with a large mouth drawn, which causes some fear at the sight of him. By and large, this is a clown, but he is strong, as it turned out, and it is not for nothing that he is recorded in the category of superheroes. The game is made in the style of GTA, and as you know, you have to deal with the enemies of the old accounts. Apparently, Harley Queen was also involved in the case, maybe someone abducted her, because, why did our beloved Joker get so angry? Maybe somewhere Batman appeared on the horizon. This city, apparently, is called Gotham City. Perform quests in turn, and in order to take it you will need to navigate the map and then go to the glowing cone. At your disposal is a huge open world, as well as countless cars and people. Buy or take away weapons from people – this will clearly add interest to the game!


Arrows – walk, ride
Mouse – review and shot
E – use something
R – reload
1-5 – change weapons
M – restart the mission

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