kogama granny

In the game “Kogama: Granny”, you will go to the wonderful world of Kogama, which does not cease to amaze us with its diversity. This time, you will find yourself in the house of Granny – the evil mad old woman. Over the years of hermitage and loneliness, she turned into a terrible monster in the flesh. A meeting with a lunatic monster does not bode well. That is why you should run away from there as soon as possible.

From the first seconds of the game, you will be face to face with Granny. This nightmare grandmother will haunt you. In order not to become a monster’s prey, you need to go on a study at home. Your task is to find all the golden stars and keys. With the help of gold stars, you can open locked doors. But to open the front door and escape from the abandoned house you will need not only stars, but also keys.

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