Kogama: Haunted Hospital

In what places we just didn’t have the chance to visit with a square hero, whom everyone knows only looks at him, and never sat in place, then he seeks adventure in a country lost among the clouds, then he goes in search of the treasures of ancient tribes. And any place where our character would not be poisoned always hides various dangers. This time we will go with the boy to a terrible and gloomy place, where players from different parts of the world are already located and are looking for what they came for. By the way, the game of Kogama: Ghost Hospital does not change its main feature – the multiplayer mode, so to complete the main task of the game – collecting a certain number of gold stars, you will have to hurry a lot. And only that player will win who is the first to collect all the stars. But let’s get back to our loving hospital. It has not been used for its intended purpose for a long time, it just stands and is waiting for its fate. At first glance it may seem that it is small, only then you begin to understand that the hospital is endless in its corridors and rooms, and if you make a mistake and meet the spirit of a crazy scientist on your way, you can completely stay within its walls. But besides the labyrinths you can fall into the trap, which also will not lead to anything good.

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