A new shooter for boys in a multiplayer format is a game If you are tired of shooting virtual targets in solitary games, try to defeat all enemies in the network mode, where the opponents are gamers from different parts of our planet. The difference of this io game is the graphics. This is a large pixel and blocks, Minecraft fans will definitely check out such warriors.

After starting Krunker io, the player enters one of the server rooms, with an already formed team. The task is to destroy the fighters from the enemy group. You need to score maximum points to become the leader of the rating. The shootout takes four minutes. For this time period should give all the best.

The game has many classes: from a simple shooter to a sniper. Choose what you like best and go hunting. Be careful, the enemy can get close to you from behind or jump out unexpectedly from the wall, and you will not have time to do anything. If you run out of ammo, look for gray boxes. Go to such an object and press F to restock. There is an interesting feature in Kranker io: you can leave your mark on different surfaces in the location. And let the enemies tremble with fear when looking at her.

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