Let’s Kill Jane The Killer: Don’t Go to Sleep

If the window has already sunk down for a long time and the moon has risen, then it can be argued that the time has come to test your strengths and fears in a new horror adventure – Let’s Kill Jane The Killer: Don’t Go to Sleep! For this, your hero has powerful weapons and courage, everything else depends on you, so be prepared to meet the most terrible creatures that fall into our reality from a parallel universe, ready to tear apart all life around.

How to play?
The main task of the game is to survive and help everyone who is still alive, but there is a secondary task that turns into the first one, that is, you must help save the rest of the survivors, and the faster you destroy the monsters, the more chances you will save the rest. It would be nice if all the survivors gathered in one place and waited for their savior, but this is not so and you will have to take up arms and go in search of not only people but also monsters. Of the weapons, your character has only a shotgun and ammunition for it. But the supply of ammunition for the gun is not infinite, that is, you have to take care of every shot. You can replenish the number of cartridges, and the level of health that suffers from fights with monsters by finding special boxes in which both the first and second can be found!

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