Madness: Fueled By Hotdogs

Fueled By Hotdogs is set in the Madness Combat universe with first-person prospective gameplay, where you slice and shoot your way through your first (and only) day of employment at the A.A.H.W.


  • Frdy: Director
  • almost_friday: Game Design/ Programming
  • Blood sprites taken from awez
  • sound effects generously donated (stolen) from Madness: Project Nexus Classic
  • Thumbnail and some in-game posters made by Copperhead5858
  • Characters rigged by Haggets
  • Music by CupOfLemonade.
  • Special thanks to uhhh


Download game for Windows on

Bug Fix Update:

Patched Sept 24:

  • Fixed a bug where enemies would spin at low framerate

Patched Sept 23, 12:16 AM PST:

  • The music will no longer break if you get into an intense battle before the song intro finishes
  • Enemies will no longer grab weapons out of your hand
  • Eating a hotdog while under the effects of one wouldn’t reset the buff duration

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PRESS SPACE AND C AT THE SAME TIME TO DIVE!!! You are invulnerable to bullets while you dive, and you’ll even get a tac bar bonus for dodging bullets
  • Scroll to switch through weapons in your inventory, or use keys 1, 2, 3
  • If you’re having trouble with the web page scrolling when you try to switch weapons, toggle fullscreen in the options
  • Press Escape or Q to pause the game and access settings
  • Press V to pistol whip when you have a gun equipped. I forgot to include in game instructions for it.
  • Press X to drop your currently held item.
  • Most controls are explained in-game.
  • Press E to open cabinets, pick up weapons, and go through unlocked doors. picking up weapons while you already have 2 replaces the currently equipped one.