Maere (MÆRE) is a spooky game. In this game, you’re in a haunted room, and you’re trying to get some sleep. But, guess what? There are ghosts around!

To stay safe, you’ll have to close your eyes and not pay attention to those spooky ghosts. But watch out! Don’t get too scared, or your fear meter will go way up. Can you make it through the night without having super scary nightmares? Let’s find out!

When asleep you may dream.

Nothing can hurt you in a dream.

But you may still feel the sensation of pain.

Made by Chris Gray

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Arrow Keys: Look around the room

Hold Space: Close your eyes

Release Space: Open your eyes

HOLD SPACE to close your eyes.

RELEASE SPACE to open them.

Keep your EYES CLOSED and FEAR METER low to fall asleep.

If you hear something in the dark it will raise your FEAR METER, as will seeing an entity.

It is difficult to fall asleep if you are afraid. So make sure you keep your FEAR METER low.

You can reduce your FEAR METER by looking around the area where you heard the noise coming from, this will reassure you that the area is safe.