Minecraft five nights at Freddy’s

Game loading 1 min .game code  9246 or “No”

In the game “Minecraft five nights at Freddy’s”, you will again meet our old friend Freddy. The first meeting with them in most cases becomes the last. Freddy is an animatronic robot that entertains children at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. During the day he is a funny doll, at night – a real nightmare. Along with him in the pizzeria, there are also animatronics: Bonnie the rabbit, Golden Freddy, Chick’s chicken, Fox foxes and several other huge robot dolls. Some of them will make Freddy’s company in the hunt for you. Before entering the game, she will ask you for a code. You can enter “no” and start from the first night, or you can use the code 9246 and get access to all four nights with Freddy that are in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will be in the room of surveillance cameras. Your predecessor, who worked as a nightguard, will leave you an audio message telling you what’s what. In your hands, you will have a tablet where all rooms are visible through surveillance cameras. The main goal of the game is to hold out until six in the morning and prevent animatronics, especially Freddy, from getting to you. You should carefully monitor the movements of animatronics. Once they begin to show signs of activity, you should keep an eye out. There are two doors on either side of you. Periodically they need to be checked, including the light and closing them. But be careful, because while using the tablet and doors the energy will end and if it ends before six in the morning, then you are finished. Then animatronics will get to you and your fate will be sad.