Mr.Hopp’s Playhouse

Mr.Hopp’s PlayhouseWhat will you do if you suddenly wake up all alone in your room and hear that voices come from somewhere? So the main character does not yet understand what is happening, but her beloved rabbit, who suddenly disappeared from the chair, begins to frighten her greatly. Her whole room in an instant turned into the most terrible place in the house. You need to put up with your fears and first of all, go to the bedroom of mom and dad to see what is happening there. And suddenly they know what happened and help to figure it out. On the way to the parental room, as luck would have it, there are toys under my feet that scare us very much and intensify the atmosphere. Just a little more and the girl finds out that her parents are no more. It is also necessary to urgently remove the legs from this nightmare, so as not to die. Help the baby cope with all the trials that fell to her lot, survive and overcome the fear of the dark.