Mr Meat House Of Flesh

The backdrop to the frightening game Mr. Meat House of Flesh is a zombie apocalypse. The protagonist is actually defenseless and incapable of protecting themselves. The zombie neighbor is the only thing to worry about. He is keeping a young woman captive in his home’s dungeon. You must find a way to free her before it is too late. Your help is needed. As you wander around his estate, keep your distance from the frightful butcher. You can then remove the lock at the basement door and slip out of the building, without being noticed. This wild ride is not for the weak of heart, it’s obvious. Only the most courageous souls can defeat the evil that haunts this area. Good luck!

How to play

  • Use the WASD buttons to walk or strafe the keyboard.
  • Move the mouse cursor to look around.
  • To interact with the environment, open drawers and pick up objects, press F.
  • Drop the item currently equipped with G.
  • The cannibal has the ability to kill the character in one strike.
  • Try to run or crawl away from the cannibal before you are spotted.
  • At the first sign that there is danger, hide in locker cabinets.
  • Once the abomination is gone, escape using T.
  • Keep looking for clues or other useful tools to reach the hostage.