Mr. Meat vs granny

Mr. Meat vs granny: Imagine that somewhere in the world a man lived, worked as a butcher and, in general, did not bother anyone. And then, in just a couple of days, an uncharted virus turned him into a ruthless maniac. This is the plot of this horror, you will get the role of a brave guy in it. He learned that another victim fell into the maniac’s clutches, she is still alive, she can still be saved, so what are you waiting for? Go to the maniac’s house and find the unfortunate girl, because without you she would never be saved. However, there is a nuance: you have a strictly limited time, there are only five hours left – these are tears when it comes to dealing with a maniac. Yes, and there are enough other problems, for example, the maniac’s house – not a hut, there are a lot of rooms in it, there are even hiding places and a dark basement, locked in strong locks of sheds and walled up storage rooms. Even your hero does not even have a simple knife with him, but who knows, maybe the maniac does not live alone? As soon as you find yourself in a house, how will someone or something attack you? But nowhere to go, they undertook to save the girl, bring the matter to the end. There are different weapons in the butcher’s house, there are also clues and puzzles. Thanks to the tips, you will gradually learn the terrible story of the former butcher and the current killer, and where he keeps the victim.