Noob vs Choo Choo Charles

The game “Noob Choo Choo Against Charles” invites players to a unique adventure. In this game, Choo Choo Charles, a demonic train-like character, and our dear friend Noob embark on a challenging journey consisting of handicapped tracks and mazes. Players must use their skills to avoid obstacles and reach the goal while driving along an endless path.


What is waiting for me when I play Noob vs Choo Choo Charles?

Noob vs Choo Choo Charles offers an action-packed, 3D platforming and running game experience. 

This immersive game takes inspiration from various places and passes through hell, the sea, the city and the forest. Each venue has its own unique challenges and pushes players’ reflexes to the limit. Throughout the game, players must stop by various points to collect diamonds. However, only players with mind-blowing reflexes can survive death, even in the most dangerous situations.
“Noob Choo Choo Versus Charles” offers players a wide variety of experiences. This game, which is a locomotive on the Internet, provides the opportunity to play by locking many new friends. Each new character can have different abilities