paper Minecraft

The protagonist of “Paper Minecraft” continues to create his own unique world around him, ennobling him and getting real pleasure from the process. In his arsenal, there are simple tools and a sufficient amount of natural materials. He himself obtains all these resources, and he also lives in a rather cruel world. In fact, Steve (which is the name of the main character) is a researcher, and you explore the world of Minecraft with him. During the game, the guy needs to collect all the resources in one place: stone, wood, etc. and process them so well that something substantial can be created from them. In addition, the bold pioneer likes to eat pretty much, and he also needs to collect food. If a brave researcher does not gather natural resources, does not build a house and does not prepare food supplies in advance, he simply cannot survive alone. The game looks funny! After all, this is an artificial virtual world from beginning to end, created from cardboard! This game provides the widest freedom of action. All the materials you find can be used for crafting (creating any item manually).

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