piggy 2

Piggy 2 is a very evil Peppa Pig. It seemed that everything was fine with her, she was good-natured, but then bad luck happened – someone brought her to the pen. Now the battle begins with those who will be side by side. As a rule, these kids are the players in Roblox. Together with other players, you have come to Peppa’s lair. Of course, she did everything very beautifully here, the pink color became the basis of everything. Your task is to run away from her what is strength. She will run after you at such a speed that there is no time to pickle at all. To escape, you will need to master the tracer beginnings, and this is difficult, but only parkour will save you and this is a fact. It will be difficult to hike, but in order to survive and win the game, you must quickly run away.


Arrows – walk
Spacebar – Jump
Mouse – Shot
E – Take the item and get into the car
V – throw an item
M – go to menu