Poppy Time

Poppy Time is a thrilling and suspenseful 3D escape horror game that offers players a challenging and immersive experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements of the game:

Game Setting: The game is set in a dark and eerie environment, where players find themselves trapped in their own house along with their friend NICHO. The main goal is to escape the house while avoiding danger.

Threat: The primary threat in the game is Mr. Anonymous and a menacing puppy. Players must navigate the environment and solve puzzles while being cautious not to get killed by these threats.

Escape Objective: The main objective is to escape from the house by finding keys that open various doors. Players must explore the environment, search for clues, and solve puzzles to progress and unlock new areas.

Time Pressure: A timer adds an additional layer of tension to the gameplay. Players need to keep an eye on the timer to ensure they complete their objectives and escape before time runs out. Failing to do so can result in danger from the puppy.

Multiple Endings: The game offers three different endings, providing players with choices that impact the outcome of the story. This adds replay value as players can explore different paths and endings based on their decisions.

Playtime and Graphics: The estimated playtime of 30 to 60 minutes suggests a substantial gameplay experience. The promise of high-definition graphics enhances the immersive and eerie atmosphere of the game.

Puzzles and Challenges: The inclusion of puzzles requires players to think critically and solve challenges to progress. Puzzles may involve finding items, deciphering codes, or manipulating the environment.

Suspenseful Gameplay: The combination of dark environments, limited resources, and lurking threats creates a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps players engaged and on edge.

Horror Elements: The horror genre elements, such as a dark and foreboding setting, lurking threats, and suspenseful moments, contribute to the game’s immersive and tense experience.

Overall, “Poppy Time” appears to offer players an engaging and immersive escape horror experience, challenging them to navigate a dangerous environment, solve puzzles, manage time, and make choices that impact the story’s outcome. Fans of horror and escape games are likely to find the game intriguing and exciting.


Poppy Time is developed by NISHAD_Games.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!