Raft Life

Adrift in the boundless ocean, you awaken to a stark reality – your vessel has succumbed to the unforgiving depths. Cast adrift on a meager raft, your former life of urban luxuries fades into distant memory. Now, you must summon the resilience and ingenuity to carve a new existence amidst the vast expanse of the sea.

Harness your crafting prowess to expand your fragile raft into a thriving haven. Craft tools, fashion shelters, and cultivate a bountiful garden, ensuring your sustenance amidst the turbulent waters. Yet, beware the lurking predators of the deep, their predatory instincts honed to exploit any weakness.

Fortunately, the ocean provides curious creatures and helpful seagulls offering solace and valuable resources. With their aid, you’ll transform your raft into a testament to human resilience, a beacon of survival amidst the merciless sea.

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