A wonderful game about how you will need to survive on a raft. The graphics here are pretty good, but you must clearly understand that it will be extremely difficult to survive. The process of being on a small raft in open water will be interesting for you, but you definitely need to make a plan to understand how to survive. Initially, you have nothing, there is only a plan on how to make sure everything is fine with you. It’s important to understand that you need resources in order to settle down normally on a raft. These resources can be mined in water, as well as somewhere nearby. You will definitely need to open chests, there are many values ​​that will be extremely useful to you. If your imagination allows, then you can definitely create a huge island from a small raft.


Arrows – move
Spacebar – Jump
Mouse click – punch
F – throw a hook
I – inventory
T – shop
G – craft
C – darken the post-tuning of the object
B – set the object
E – action
Q – sleep