Roblox Piggy

The new game “Roblox: Piggy” is an exciting adventure. The sweet and kind pig Piggy has turned into a terrible monster and started hunting civilians. But they also do not miss and will never surrender to the clutches of the monster without a fight. Now the victory is for the strongest! In the game, you can not just play one round, but choose one of six parts of the saga about the evil piggy Piggy. At the beginning of the game, you must choose which side you will play on.

There will be two teams in total – a squad of Piggy and a Guard. By taking the side of Piggy, you will turn into a monster that will hunt ordinary players. You will have exactly ten minutes to do this. During this time, you, together with your partners, must destroy the opposing team. If you choose the side of the Guardians, then you need to complete the quest by finding the keys and open all the doors and chests. Everyone, without exception, will like this multiplayer game, because you will not play with bots, but with real rivals. This will cheer up each team and make the game really cool and exciting because of the excitement of all participants. Enjoy your game and good luck!