Rock Climber

Rock Climber is a casual physics game where you embark on a thrilling climbing expedition! Prepare to conquer towering vertical walls and unleash your inner adventurer in this captivating climbing experience. Your mission is to guide your skilled climber and ascend to the top of challenging walls while avoiding treacherous obstacles along the way. With precise timing and skillful maneuvering, navigate through a variety of obstacles, including moving platforms, swinging ropes, and rotating elements. As you scale each wall, keep an eye out for valuable coins scattered throughout the environment. Collect them to unlock an array of character skins and powerful upgrades in the in-game store. Enhance your climbing abilities with upgrades such as increased jump, improved grab, a coin magnet to attract nearby coins, and a coin multiplier to boost your earnings. But be warned: the climbing journey won’t be easy. Each level presents its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, requiring you to strategize and adapt your climbing techniques. Precision and quick reflexes are key to overcoming the hurdles in your path. Are you ready to conquer the towering walls and become the ultimate Rock Climber?

Release Date

June 2023


Obumo Games made Rock Climber.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jun 07, 2023


Drag the left mouse button to aim, release to jump.