Scary Granny: Basement Escape

another game from granny games series “Scary Granny: Basement Escape” you have to survive the most terrible day in your life. You will wake up in a terrible old basement with a terrible headache. You do not remember who you are or how you ended up here. We urgently need to get out of this depressing place and try to remember where your home is. You almost gathered your strength, when suddenly a heartbreaking scream echoed through the basement. From such sounds, everything inside freezes and the hair stand on end. After a few seconds, you will personally find out who is making these crazy sounds.

A crazy old woman named Granny lives in these abandoned walls. For many years she lived alone with her insanity and so unsweetened was the one who fell into her paws. There are four bloody levels ahead of you. On each of them you have to find a way out of the deadly trap. With each level, it will be increasingly difficult to do, and despair will not take long. But try to pull yourself together and use your chance for salvation. Good luck

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