Scary Granny

Granny Horror Game continues to delight lovers of the unique horror genre! The plot will dip into a tense atmosphere. The main character was captured and diligently keeps a strange grandmother. You have to help him get out of the creepy house. To do this, we must endure five days in her society. The basic rule is not to drop anything. This will cause extra noise and the old woman will overtake you.

In the game Granny, you must be careful, but do not forget to escape from the dark conclusion. Do not make harsh sounds, she will hear and the hero is waiting for death. Escape will be almost impossible, the developers have prepared a lot of surprises and breaks. It is not known what happens next door, you should protect yourself. You can hide in closets, but not for long. There are treacherous traps placed around the house, hitting into which it is impossible to move. It will be difficult to play, the woman is dangerous. Try to beat her!

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