SCP-087 Road to Hell

You will face the most dangerous secret object in the “SCP-087 Road to Hell” game. This monster is unexplainable, and the meeting with him threatens deadly danger. But today, you must gather your will into a fist and go towards the dark and unknown. In this horror-scary game, you will act as the guinea pig of the D Unit. He has been ordered to survey the area on the lower floor. A long staircase accesses the basement at the very end of the basement. This staircase will become the real “road to hell”!


As soon as you step onto a flight of stairs, darkness will envelop everything. You will be armed only with a flashlight, the weak beam of which will be the only salvation. Slowly descend the stairs and look around the stairwells. Who knows what might be lurking behind the thick darkness? Sometimes there will be sounds that will make your blood run cold. Strange rustles, creaks, and even children’s laughter and crying can drive even the most thoroughly brave man mad. But despite this, one must keep going to find out what awaits at the end.