short life2

Short Life 2 is a Happy Wheels-inspired 2D ragdoll platformer game. Short Life 2 features the same 20 levels and a wide variety of physics-based gameplay techniques as the very popular Short Life game. The goal of every level is to get to the end alive, and in one piece if possible. You can use quick reflexes and evasive maneuvers, including running, jumping, and crouching, to escape the many deadly traps, including circular saws, sharp pikes, and other fiery bombs. You’ll need to have pinpoint precision with your character’s motions if you want him to make it through Short Life 2. This game was created by GameTornado.

How to play

Control your ragdoll through 20 levels of mayhem in Short Life 2 using the keys below:

  • To move, use the left and right arrow keys or AD.
  • Press the up arrow to jump or get up.
  • Down arrow or S to get low. R to start over.
  • Press the space bar to restart (after game over).

Short Life 2 Levels

There are many levels to play in Short Life 2 game. You’ll need to overcome unique challenges and complete unique objectives in each lesson. But they are all locked, and to get to the new one, you have to pass the old one. Furthermore, the obstacles in these stages will change and grow more dangerous. So, when you’re controlling your hero, you shouldn’t be careless. The obstacles can take the form of anything from a knife machine to razor wooden bars to a giant hand.

Besides that, you have to get enough stars in each level. Even though you only need one star to finish a mission, getting three stars will improve your experience. So, do your best to keep your hero alive while helping him get through all the levels and obstacles. Remember to get all three stars!

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