Siren head in Russia

In this wonderful game, you will find yourself in a small village in the outback of Russia, where, according to the stories of the inhabitants who lived here, sometimes they saw Siren head. Your task is to walk around the neighborhood of houses, forests, as well as the working area in order to personally, make sure of the calmness of the situation, maybe there is no one here. If suddenly you notice something unusual in the village, then go there, don’t worry, maybe it’s the antagonist from the siren head. Fortunately, you are armed, so it will be possible to get a firearm with lightning speed and shoot at this monster that is standing here and is waiting for someone to come out of the people into the open space to commit the abduction. The atmosphere of the gameplay is scary to horror, so bear with it, the thought that there is a chance to find that very long half-man with a siren on his shoulders will warm you.