Stickman Planks Fall

Stickman Planks Fall will help you get to the top on the leaderboard. You can collect planks and create a route above clouds to beat your rivals! You can pass the levels and be in the winning race to advance! Build your character and earn treasures, gold and gold from matches!

Keep your eyes peeled and your legs warm. The competition is heating up! Let’s see who can make it to the top. You can start your race and explore the track. Take the planks with you. For emergencies, always have spare planks. These can be used for creating shortcuts and new ways to travel in the air. They can help you cut down on your travel time or increase your distance to the finish. It’s up to YOU! Keep your eyes on where you are going and win! Make sure you grab your gold keys and skins while on the road. Watch short ads to see how to keep these skins. You can also use the keys to unlock treasure boxes. Your character speed and start logs can be upgraded to stay at the top of the scoreboard.


How To Play Stickman Planks Fall