Stickman Triple Kill

Experience the thrill of action as you battle stickmen and other ninjas on your way to becoming a master ninja. Play Stickman Triple Kill and other fun online games for free at now!

Learn the ropes and become a professional killer in Stickman Triple Kill. You must guide your character to safety, protect them from harm, and help them avoid hazards. Numerous playable characters and weaponry are exclusive to this game. Play through the whole game and beat all of the stages’ monsters and bosses! Learn how to become a true ninja assassin by following the challenging ninja route.

In this action game, you’ll face off against a slew of other stickmen, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses. To win, you’ll need to strike first to wipe out your opponents, so don’t waste any of your chances. Gaining experience and money will help you level up your skills.