Super Crime Steel War Hero

Super Crime Steel War Hero: Your hero in a steel suit took to the streets of the city to fight crime. Patrol the city. Watch the behavior of residents, many of them may turn out to be criminals. Usually, their behavior will be highly suspicious. You will fight him and win. Sometimes you will even be attacked by the police, do not let them arrest you.


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • T: open nearby garage
  • E: start to fly
  • C: fly down
  • Right click: laser
  • Left click: shoot or punch
  • Space bar: jump or fly up
  • Left shift: run
  • X: switch weapon
  • F: open car
  • R: open nearby shop
  • G: grenade
  • Z: switch grenade
  • C: switch vehicle camera
  • Pitchfork up: Z
  • Pitchfork down: X
  • Dump start: Q
  • Dump end: E
  • Lift container: space
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