★ Welcome to Terraria (Stamped) – Play Full Screen

Updated! – Grappling Hooks, Falling Stars, Mana + Staves (Staff), More weapons, Gems, & demon altars. King Slime (beta – use slime crown from creative mode), Health bars, Boomerang, Spear, Gender [press G], The Bug Net, (Pause then [S] to save game)

★ Instructions:
[WASD] to move
[Click] to dig or place items (based on tool)
[0 to 9] Select Tool
[E] Open / Close Inventory
[Q] Quick select torch (then click to place)
[C] Center screen on mouse
[X] fire grappling hook (if you have one)
[R] to reset your location
[F] to toggle the world map
[K] Creative Mode Toggle
[N,M,H,J] to spawn a mobs in creative (for testing)
[G] Switch Gender
[O] to toggle time of day
[P] to pause (then [S] or [L] to save or load)
[U] to toggle game music

When digging, if the mouse is far away from your player, then auto dig is enabled to make things easier.
When crafting, hold down the mouse over an item to craft many of them before dragging into your inventory to confirm.

For those who haven’t played Terraria before, first job is to > use the axe to chop down trees > Craft a workbench > kill a slime > craft some torches > begin mining underground for stone & ores > build a house for guide > craft a furnace > craft an anvil > craft new tools > etc 🙂 If you are running out of wood, plant the acorns for new trees.