The Last Man

An emergency call from the ALUC – Alien Life Unit Center – located on the planet CA-210717, has been received by the Special Force Team operating on the planet. They tried to call back the ALUC many times, but they had no luck… The Last Man is a topdown survival horror, where you have to escape from a facility infested by aliens. You can collect all the weapons and gears you find on your way, trying to find a wayout from this alien hell. But be careful! These aliens can cut your head off with a single hit! So, don’t let your guard down.

How to play: WASD or ARROWS to move Left click to shoot R to reload M turn off/on Map N turn off/on NightVision T turn off/on ThermalVision C to change weapn TOUCH CONTROLS Left Stick : Move Right Stick: Aim and shoot Touch the icons on screen to reload / open Map / Turn ON/OFF thermal and nightvision goggle