The Mannequin

You’re in for an absolute nightmare in the “The Mannequin” game! You will find yourself alone with the most terrible terrors and try to escape and keep your sanity. And it will not be easy because you will find yourself in the house of Satan! No living soul is around, but strange noises, eerie whispers, and tapping are heard from every side. Literally, from the first seconds, you can feel the hair on your body stand on end, and a treacherous chill runs through your body. But there is no need to panic. Otherwise, everything will only get worse.


First, you must get to the stairs quickly before darkness. Once you are on the second floor, search the room for a flashlight and a battery. Once you light the flashlight, you will see someone watching you from the darkness. Behind you, on the stairs, will be a dark mannequin. If you get the courage to come closer, everything will float, and the monster will disappear. Once you’ve calmed down, you can continue searching for a way out of the nightmarish place. But there are many more nightmares ahead, which the scary house is filled with. Try not to succumb to madness and find your way out of the creepy trap. Good luck!