the walking dead game

the walking dead game – a brand new online game based on the popular series. You play the role of Rick himself, a former policeman who woke up in a hospital after a coma and was greatly surprised by what he saw. Chaos was happening on the streets of his town, some people attacked others as if brutal, they bit their victims and they turned into the walking dead, known as zombies. Rick immediately grabs his weapon and begins to fight with these monsters, because his main task is to find his wife and son. With the hope of meeting them and saving, our hero will try to do everything possible to survive among the hordes of the living dead.

How to play?
When playing the game, you will need to help Rick kill the walking with a knife, gun and other weapons. You have to roam the streets of the city, where silence reigns, and hungry zombies roam around the corners. You must kill all the monsters that notice you and run in your direction. Gather weapons, supplies and first-aid kits, in the places of the dead. How long can you survive in this dead city and how many dead can you kill before they surround you and tear you apart? Let’s play and test our abilities, surviving as long as possible, in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse.