Trollface Quest USA

Trollface Quest USA is a cool meme-based puzzle game that you can play online for free on This time, you have to get ready to troll nothing less than the United States of America. That’s right, face lots of characters or brands from this country and do your best to troll the crap out of them. Help the incredible Hulk get to the toilet on time, fool a real cowboy and stuff yourself with Coke just like a real American. Be creative and look for extraordinary solutions.

Play another hilarious installment of the famous Trollface Quest series and make your way through every weird level full of silly humor. Explore every level, find hidden objects and solve tricky challenges. Each scene has a different mystery and there is only one way to complete every level. Fool Donald Trump and make America troll again. Have fun with this free online Trollface Quest USA on our website!

Controls: Touch / Mouse