Zombie Coming: Roguelike Siege

Zombie Coming: Roguelike Siege is a roguelike game where you must defend against relentless zombie hordes using your skills, mines, barriers, and turrets. Strategically place mines and barriers to create a formidable defense line and use unique hero abilities like summoning an excavator to wreak havoc among the undead. Survive each day to earn rewards and face a variety of zombies, big and small, fast and slow, fiery and icy. Embrace your tactical prowess and build your defense in your style to conquer this chaotic onslaught.

Release Date

  • December 2022 (Android)
  • July 2023 (WebGL)


Aleksandr Kabalkin made this game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Last Updated

Sep 29, 2023


  • Use the left mouse button to place mines, barriers, and other stuff on the field to survive
  • Drag the left mouse button or use WS or arrow up-down to move the hero
  • Press 1 and 2 to use skills
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