Zombie Tornado

Zombie Tornado is an exciting online survival shooter game among zombies. You play as an armed soldier who has a bunch of firearms and protective uniforms. After the onset of the epidemic, zombies multiplied and flooded the whole earth. Your task is to clean the neighborhoods of the city one by one and at the same time stay alive. To become a real zombie killer, you will need most of your strategic training and military abilities to fight the dead in 3 different locations.

How to play?
Customize your gear and weapons to play in any style you like. You can play in the style of defense and constantly fight off hundreds of zombies advancing on both sides. Or you can play in the style of an attacker and run towards all the zombies in order to quickly kill each of them. Deal with zombies as a real specialist in heavy weapons, as an invisible shooter, as a fast ninja, as an ax killer, a samurai warrior and others. The style of your struggle always depends on the weapon that is in your hands. With the machete, you will cut the zombies close, with a sniper rifle, a shotgun and other weapons, you can attack zombies from afar.

Try to kill more zombies and go to the menu where you can pump weapons, install super abilities and change the hero. Level up your hero and open new locations to continue the fight against zombies. Good luck