Baldi’s Basics 2

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Baldi is obsessed with learning. When you can not cope with the task, he is very upset, and begins to do all sorts of follies: he is harassing you or threatening. Therefore, be careful and try to correctly solve the examples proposed in the game Baldis Basics in Education and Learning 2. Do not worry, their complexity will increase on an increasing basis, you will have time to get used to it.

Your first acquaintance with an outstanding character will happen in the school class. He will show you a special tablet, explain how to use it. Next, the gamer will have to demonstrate their level of preparation by unleashing puzzles. If the answer is correct, get a coin, then it will come in handy. It seems that so far everything is developing quite favorably, you can relax a bit.

Look, here is a new notebook. Hmm, some numbers are not recognizable, they are smeared. What is the best way to proceed? Rather, hide, otherwise undo. Quite a friendly little girl in front of her eyes turns into an evil lunatic. Save yourself! Remember that each of your failures only adds to his enthusiasm and speed. In total, Baldis Basics in Education 2 and Learning has seven collections of equations, in each of which there is certainly an option that can not be controlled. Decide how to get out of this scrape alive.