Play online and compete against hundreds of players in, a multiplayer arcade game. Try to be the last survivor of each level and push your opponents out of bounds to win a round. Based on an great physical engine is a strategy game but also a skill game. You will control precisely your avatar to push other players out of the levels and dodge their treacherous attacks to stay alive. By pressing X you will momentarily become heavier, but less agile, allowing you to counter your opponents. By creating a free account it will be possible to save your progress online, customize your avatar, but also to use the level editor and share your creation online.

How to play and jump with the arrows on your keyboard, use the X key to make your ball heavier. Making your ball heavier will help absorb impact against other players but also push them if you use it while moving or jumping.

What are the game modes of– Simple: A series of easy maps to start with. The only controls are the arrows on your keyboard. Here you can learn the basic mechanics of the game and familiarize yourself with the physics of your ball on simple designed maps.
– Classic: This is the basic mode of the game, you will have to try to push your opponents out of the levels in order to be the last player alive. This mode offers a selection of the best maps, new ones are added regularly.
– Arrow: This game mode adds the possibility of shooting a projectile with your special skill. Arm a projectile with Z then turn your ball with the arrows to aim at an opponent and try to push him out of the level.
– Grapple (coming soon): Use your grapple to swing around the map, but be careful not to get hit by other players or you’ll be knocked out!