Craft Trap Show

Craft Trap Show is an action game where you can play various heroes in a world of blocks and crafting. Each hero has a wish that can come true if they protect the monster school portal from the hacker’s army. Dig resources, craft weapons, and build unique tower defense-style traps. Discover items of different rarities, activate traps, and face off against unique bosses. Level up your heroes to unlock new traps and progress separately for each character.

Release Date

May 2023 (Android & WebGL)


mangomangomsk made Craft Trap Show.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

Jun 09, 2023


  • WASD or arrow keys or drag left mouse button on the right side of the display screen = move
  • Hold and release left mouse button = place traps
  • Hold left mouse button = rotate camera view
  • Left mouse button = interact in-game UI
  • On mobile, tap and swipe on the right side of the display screen to activate the mobile joystick.
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