Dinosaurs Merge Master

Dinosaurs Merge Master is a casual game where you merge dinosaurs and warriors to build an army. Once you’ve merged your characters, test your might on the battlefield!


Build a prehistoric army

Place your dinosaurs and human warriors on the battlefield and see how they fare against your foes. Spend your gold coinage earned from the battle on buying more units.

Merge like a master

Merge to create powerful new characters with more attacking power and health. Keep merging to concentrate all your power into one super unit. The cost of a new piece increases with every purchase, so merging gets tougher over time.

Unlock new dinosaurs

Every time you merge two new dinosaurs together, you unlock a stronger dinosaur. The same goes for the human warriors! You can see your collection so far by clicking the cards icon.

Travel to new lands

You’ll soon be on your way to conquering new lands as you unlock more exotic and beastly dinosaurs with an insatiable appetite for the bones of your enemies.

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Release Date

October 2022


SUN.STUDIO made Dinosaurs Merge Master.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jan 17, 2023


Drag the left mouse button to merge.