Dude Theft Wars

A guy named Jack unexpectedly even discovered for himself the opportunity to live a life that he liked more. In the pixel city, he was previously poor and uninteresting to anyone, but now everything has become completely different. After he joined the clan of the mafia, he had many new opportunities such as theft of cars, robbery of people, a lot of entertainment and much more. You have several options for the development of human destiny. You can go shopping and buy things peacefully, or you can, as was already written before, destroy everyone around you. For your own safety, we advise you to get a weapon or rather several types. Immediately you have a clear case that there will be no money, so you will need to earn it.


WASD or arrow keys: walk
Spacebar: Jump / Brake
Mouse 1: fire / battle
Mouse 2: sphere
E: use / sit car
R: reload
M: restart mission
1.2: switch weapons
V: switch the view in the car

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