ESCAPE FROM AYUWOKI : How many characters do we know from virtual reality, which instilled horror and fear at you, whom we would not like to meet not only in real life but also in the virtual one. However, it all depends on you and your actions, and if you do everything that is required of you in the history of Escape From Ayuwoki, you are unlikely to see or even hear a malicious creature whose meeting does not bode well for you.

Despite the fact that the horror turned out to be rather creepy and scary, the developers created two difficulty modes. With the normal mode, everything is clear, but in the increased complexity mode, the chance to meet horrible creatures increases significantly. But surely among us, there are such “extremes” who are ready to play despite the horror of what is happening. All this is aimed only at ensuring that you quickly find a way out of a gloomy place, and for this, you will have to be constantly alert, look around and study the environment where you can find useful objects. Studying the environment, we advise you to look for places where you can hide from the monster and wait until it disappears. And you can find out about his approach by the sounds that he makes, firstly, he stamps his feet heavily, and secondly, laughter, if you can call it laughter, is heard everywhere, the main thing is to correctly determine whether it is approaching or moving away.