Evil Granny: Horror Village

Ready to feel icy horror on your own skin? Then, welcome to the game Evil Granny: Horror Village. From the first seconds, you have to cope with the immense horror that will captivate your every cell. And all because you wake up in the middle of a dense forest in pitch darkness. The rustle of leaves and the crunch of branches will be the only sound in this creepy place. But you need to pull yourself together and try to cope with the task that will help bring you home.

There are four levels in the game. To pass each of them, you must complete the task, namely to find the treasures of a mad old woman named Granny. Previously, it was just an evil grandmother who hated people. But after death, her soul could not calm down, and the old woman turned into a terrible monster. Now the monster guards the treasures in the village of nightmares. For many years she wanders aimlessly around the village and deals with everyone who dares to step on the damned land. Are you ready to go through all the horrors of the monastery of Granny and return home? Enjoy the game and good luck!

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