Five Night’s at Golden Freddy’s

Animatronics – flying robots in plush costumes. They seem harmless and even friendly, but this impression is misleading. In fact, animatronics are very dangerous and cruel. They love to kill people, and before that they prey on the poor for a long time. Animatronics are different, among them there are a chicken, foxes, a bear and others. One of the most powerful and dangerous animatronics – Golden Freddy – a bear in a tie and with a top hat on his head. It differs from others in that it is larger and has an endless supply of energy. The rest will sooner or later freeze, it’s worth the battery runs out, and Golden Freddy is not like that, he will chase your hero until the last – until he finishes. Escape from him is very difficult – you have to behave extremely quietly and listen to every rustle, and you can also hide from Golden Freddy in your office. Just lock the door, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to sit out for a long time, because your hero, the security guy, does not have an eternal supply of energy. And the longer he sits at the door, the faster the energy ends. It’s good that Freddy himself constantly goes back and forth, as he pleases – there are a lot of places. You can take advantage of this and sometimes go on reconnaissance.