granny 2

Amazing horror game Granny 2 about the escape from the house, where the mistress was a terrible grandmother. Not always such a character is kind or funny, in this case he will be able to scare very much. It turns out that no one has seen this grandmother for a long time, but the light in the house sometimes burned, and sometimes it was heard as someone shouted. Evil grandmother is engaged in black magic, she sharpens the souls of innocent people in different objects and stores them as a collector. The goal of the players is to free the souls and escape from this terrible building, but if the character drops or hooks on some object and is noisy, the woman will immediately hear and come for the hero. He and himself face imprisonment, but still you can avoid such a collision just by hiding under a bed or in a closet. Souls will be sharpened in different objects, for example, in bottles, vases, dolls, birds and mice, books, cabinets and chests. The grandmother finds out that one of the souls was released and will immediately come for the character, so it is better to hide faster. It is recommended to walk around the house very quietly, calmly and attentively, in some places traps can be hidden. Also one of the problems can be locked doors, so you need to find the keys. This horror story is suitable for gamers who can not live without quality horror movies, Granny 2 is worth it to play.

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