Granny Minecraft

Surely the guys are already familiar with the terrible old lady. She scared more than one hundred people. In the game Minecraft Granny you need to arrange an escape from the gloomy cottage. The difference of this fun from the usual version is that it is made in the style of legendary fun. Pixel graphics and simplified locations resemble the legendary sandbox.

You have to hide from the crazy granny, chasing you through the corridors and floors. You have to find secluded places and secret exits. It will be difficult to play and sometimes quite scary.

If it is difficult to pass the mission in Minecraft Granny Granny, then you can watch a few videos about the overcoming stages from famous streamers. They will show all the secret nooks and “buns” that you can use. The house is full of rooms with no windows or doors. We’ll have to try hard to find the door leading to the street.

Adults will also be scary to navigate the map. At any moment this vicious old woman can jump out. The game is built on unexpected turns and situations. Many recommend to participate in it, putting on the headphones. So you are fully immersed in the process and can concentrate on the tasks. If you are brave and courageous, then welcome to Minecraft Granny.

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