Granny: Scary Clown

Everyone is afraid to see a terrible wrinkled face with eyes glowing with hatred, and become a victim of a mad old woman. In the game “Granny: Scary Clown” you are not lucky enough to be a guest in the house of the monster. Your car stalled right in the middle of the road, and you went to ask for help at a nearby house. Just opening the door, darkness immediately covered you. The nightmare grandma stunned you and locked you in her house. Now you have a deadly hunt!

You will wake up in a dirty room, where portraits of clowns hang around. They look with their crazy eyes straight into the soul, trying to penetrate the nooks of the mind and spread fear there. But do not give in. Better pull yourself together and try to explore the house. Silently, this cannot be done, because the house is old and constantly creaks. Also, Granny took care of her victims and set many traps around the house to find out about your whereabouts from the noise.

To hide from your granny in a scary clown costume, you need to hide under the bed or in one of the large boxes. Look for useful items to help you solve the terrible riddles of this house and open the saving door to the exit. You will have exactly five days to escape and be free. Good luck …Play more granny games

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