Here is a fascinating role-playing game that will take you to one small virtual town where you can find a lot of entertainment for yourself and your friends. You will see stores from famous brands, including Nike, Apple and McDonald’s, as well as the famous Eiffel Tower in the city center. Start the game right now – it is always fun and interesting here!

The game has several teams – children, women and men, as well as pets. You can join the game playing for any of the teams. In the future, this will affect your role in the game. Parents can adopt children, as well as tame pets. If the parents are not in a hurry to adopt, then the children themselves can initiate this process. Thus, whole families will appear in the virtual town who can play with each other and have fun in their free time. To increase the pace of the game, it is recommended to pay attention to cars. Get behind the wheel and enjoy a quick ride through the back streets of a virtual city. After you leave the transport, most likely, other players will quickly take it, because here it is always crowded. But do not be discouraged – the game has plenty of transport, as well as activities that you can switch to in a few moments!