Mr Meat 2

Horrible maniacs, their victims and exciting puzzles await gamers in the game Mr. Meat 2. This is a terrible horror thriller, and you will become the main character of this horror. You have to deal with a fat and bloodthirsty butcher who is having fun abducting and killing girls. But before death, he keeps them in captivity and torments. Are you ready to help the victims of this monster survive and escape from here?

You need to act as quietly as possible so that this monster does not hear the slightest sound, otherwise you will not be bored. Look for hidden doors and rooms where Mr. Meath could hold a hostage. To open secret passages, you have to brainwash and solve interesting puzzles. Be careful, a terrible person walks in the house, look, do not catch his eye. A great horror movie for all fans of horror fun.