Piggy game is a hide-and-seek mortal entertainment. One team is hiding in the house, the other picks up huge swords and goes to look for …

How to play:
Before entering the Kogama Pig game directly, you will be asked which team you want to cut for. If for people, then be prepared to hide, and if for pigs, then look and chop. The house is not so big, but there is also little time: by the time the timer sounds, one of the teams must complete its task. So, which side of the force do you choose ?!

To better understand the logic of Piggy, you need to play for both teams; so you understand where people are hiding, and where they are easy to find. From the point of view of pigs, you will find out where it is better to look so that no one will find a victim faster than you. As usual in all KoGaMa games, for game actions, you will receive points that you can pay in this and other games to buy cool skins.

Control game

WASD: to move
Click: for attack
E: to open the doors