Roblox Granny

The furious grandmother Granny reappeared, and this time where there was absolutely no one waiting for her. You will play for the hero, which is made from the designer, and you probably already understand that this is Roblox. The main character of the game will try in every way to find a grandmother in a big mansion. It will be quite difficult to find her because here she is not in her native location and as a result she is experiencing a little. Although believe me, if she finds you, she will scare you very much. Go through the rooms, and if you suddenly have the prerequisites to see her, then instantly go under the bed or in the wardrobe – where she will not get you, because there is a game conceived.

What to do here?

Your task is to go around all the rooms in order to find all the useful items. It is important that the grandmother did not notice you, because then you have to start everything from the very beginning. Some rooms are now closed, but if you are careful, you will definitely find a key. If you wish, you can cooperate with other players who are now playing the game.

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